Farhat Pasha Paintings “Farah Paintings” Vancouver Collection




Farhat Pasha is Canadian artist and actress residing in Vancouver, BC. She is the creator of “Farah Paintings”





“Somewhere in the ebb and flow of life we forget to dream to watch the quiet haze of a dusk. On the beach. Morning dew, butterflies spreading, first flush of love, fiery autumns. On looking the ceaseless drama of seasons melting into spring or summer, winter and cold, flora and fauna sprouting continents apart. The same riot of colours! I try that my brush should capture all this and more, to assimilate and present the ceaseless colours of life in our environment! Certainly a canvas describes more than a thousand times what words cannot.”


“Alas pollution and callous neglect of mother earth is robbing us of our richest heritage we have to revive nature to survive. To go green, to plant those roses and dahlias in our windows, to water a simple flower, to remember , to celebrate, that magnificent bond we have with nature.”



Yours Faithfully,

The Eco Artist


Farhat Pasha








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