Canadian actress and artist Farah Pasha wins award for her art collection “Farah Paintings”.



Canadian actress and artist Farah Pasha wins award for her art collection “Farah Paintings”.


Canadian actress and artist Farah Pasha recently launched her line of abstract eco-art paintings in Vancouver, BC and came in first place at local art gala competition.


Farah Paintings is a collection that features a large variety of environmental art that depicts nature, wild life, summer, spring and winter seasons in a rich and powerful style. The medium used in creating this art is oil on canvas, crushed glass and varnish.


Farah Pasha (aka) Farhat Pasha explains the message her art gives out is to save and preserve “mother nature”, to save the green life, rainforests, flowers ,trees, wildlife and to embrace the simple life. She further explains she has been inspired by the “tenacity of Terry Fox, the compassion of Mother Teresa and the larger than life, Oprah.”


Farah Paintings ‘Vancouver Collection’ was recently completed and is now available for viewing and on sale in various formats. High quality digital prints and images are now available to view on social media; tumblr, facebook, youtube, flickr and wordpress. A coffee table/picture book titled Farah Paintings has also been published with more than 160 high resolution images produced by Farhat Pasha. The original paintings on oil and canvas will be presented at local art exhibitions aswell as promoting their digital prints and picture book.


The concise and original preface of the book is the official message presented by Farhat Pasha in her own words and what her work depicts ;





“Somewhere in the ebb and flow of life we forget to dream to watch the quiet haze of a dusk. On the beach. Morning dew, butterflies spreading, first flush of love, fiery autumns. On looking the ceaseless drama of seasons melting into spring or summer, winter and cold, flora and fauna sprouting continents apart. The same riot of colours! I try that my brush should capture all this and more, to assimilate and present the ceaseless colours of life in our environment! Certainly a canvas describes more than a thousand times what words cannot.”


“Alas pollution and callous neglect of mother earth is robbing us of our richest heritage we have to revive nature to survive. To go green, to plant those roses and dahlias in our windows, to water a simple flower, to remember , to celebrate, that magnificent bond we have with nature.”


Farhat Pasha



Farhat Pasha is a short film actress for film festival and gala movie and music videos that are produced in Vancouver and premiered with various film festivals in France and the USA.




Farhat Pasha Film Career:


  1. 2007: Come To Me
  2. 2008: Who Are You
  3. 2008: The Knights of Manhattan (Hollywood Edition)
  4. 2009: Come To Me (French Edition)
  5. 2009: Come To Me (2012 Edition)
  6. 2010: California Midnight Movies
  7. 2010: Who Are You (Glendale Edition)
  8. 2010: Who Are You (Sacramento Edition)
  9. 2013: Midnight Prophecy Movies
  10. 2014: Omer Pasha Music Videos (Vancouver Gala Edition)


Publication and Premiere Details:



“Farah Paintings”








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